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Diane Co
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I love all the content. It was a little overwhelming so I decided to just jump in. I tried a few master classes then I went to the labs. I love the labs and the creative nature of them. They often give just basic instructions then encourage you to experiment and play with the ideas. It’s right up my alley!

I still get frustrated with no knowing where to find specific ideas or techniques. A linked index or database would be so helpful. If there is one I have no idea where it’s at. I think a landing page or a ‘gateway’? page would be helpful. It took me a while to figure out that I should go to the pull down menu and then the intermediate classes to get master classes and then I hadn’t checked out the labs because they sounded kind of technical and I wasn’t sure I wanted a technical explanation about psp. I was so wrong lol! I love the labs!

Also if you could please just mail me a few extra hours in the day to play with my computer I’d be ever so grateful. 😀