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Corrie Kinkel
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When I started scrapbook I really had no clue what so ever on the techniques used and I didn’t immediately took the Diamond Membership after I finished Bootcamp and the Basic Scrapcourse. At that point I followed the introduction to the Diamond Membership which you give I think twice a year or so. I felt that it would be too much because I didn’t feel comfortable yet with all the basic techniques. I learned a terrific lot by participating in all the challenges and the chance to watch the videos over and over again until I got a more or less good result. Also the tips given to the others helped me understand what I was doing. Now I have the Membership and because of this period I know now what I want to learn and what isn’t my forte at all. So I can concentrate more on the creative side of scrapping. When joining I still did feel a bit overwhelmed by the shear content of it. I didn’t started doing whole Labs but I pick what I want to use from the creative scrap, the labs and the masterclasses. That there is an index now with the creative scrap is very welcome and something similar for the labtutorials would be great. What I found confusing is that there are items in the creative scrap which happen to have the tutorial in a Lab and are not on their own. The printouts are helpful until I know that particulair item by heart (flairbutton for example).My advice for absolute newbies would be take it slow!