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Mary Solaas
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I, too, started with the challenges, etc. because it was helpful to have a particular project layout from start to finish with an end view in mind.  Then I moved on to the Labs as I had been convinced to buy the Diamond Membership because of the way you teach.  I really wanted to develop my own papers and elements so that I am not restricted in displaying or using them (even though I don’t plan on selling them).

The Master Classes I am not working through, although I try to attend the webinars as they are in more detail about learning techniques.  The Master Classes have both the video and the detailed printout and a summary printout.  This is very helpful.

The Labs only have the detailed printout.  WOOPS!  I just looked at the one I was having a problem with:  The wire clip from a vector shape.  I couldn’t make it work from the directions in the downloaded notebook, but when I look at the Lab on line, I see that you have a video with the lab that shows how to do the elements (the wire clip in particular).  SO – downloading the videos with the Labs would be nice!