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Susan Ewart
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I had to think about this, and what has made me feel the most success with PSP.  There is a lot of content for the diamond members and after taking the Basic Scrap course I didn’t know what to do next.  I do admit I was overwhelmed, wondering where I should start (I didn’t know enough to know what I needed to learn and that kind of stopped me for awhile).  Taking courses like the basic scrap course, bootcamps the challenges (Calendar, quick pages, magazine) are the type of format that I find works for how I learn.  Those style of classes have an end goal to achieve, by teaching a workflow (where to start and follow through to the end).  Being guided from start to finish takes the stress out of “where do I start” and teaches me how to use  techniques at the same time.   I wish the challenges were available for purchase because I couldn’t take some of them since the time lines were too tight or stressful (ie. a page a day). I felt I couldn’t keep up or the techniques would be too hard to be able to keep up.  I know that I need to make many layouts before I am able “go it on my own”.