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Dee Morris
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Hi everyone!

This is the first time posting here, I hope I do it correctly. I finished my calendar! I found an old flash drive with photos my sister had emailed me about 18 years ago. I decided to make them into a calendar Christmas present.  The photos were often taken early morning, when foals are born, or late afternoon, when horse people get a moment to catch their breaths, so they were underexposed, overexposed or ‘shot from the hip’. Using techniques learned from Carole’s Master Classes; adjustments, clone, layers, masks, etc. to make them usable and yet keeping them as true to original as possible I am happy (and more than a little surprised) at the resulting project. Not knowing how my printer would print them on the cardstock, I kept the design simple. A big ‘Thank You” to Carole for the note lines and Ann Seeber for the Days of the Week PNG!

I have attached the cover and 2 pages (I think).

Regards, Dee