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Sue Thomas
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Roni, I’m using windows 10.  I am still able to view photos in full size  using the arrows.  That function hasn’t  been done away with.  Of course you are not able to view PSP files in that fashion, only Jpegs, PNGs.   I have a fairly new lap top, and was  asked to upgrade to windows 11, as windows stated that it would support windows 11.  I declined the upgrade.   I really can’t stress enough, that when windows has an update, close all programs, before doing so.  Especially PSP, as it doesn’t like updates while the program is open.  Windows now allows us to choose a day, a time, to update.  An option which didn’t used to happen in previous  Window versions.    Looking back at my correspondence with Corel over the issue Corrie in  now experiencing.  It didn’t have anything to do with  Windows, updates, or upgrades, it was  a something within PSP. Why!  no one could  explain it.  When I install any PSP  version, I  keep everything where it is installed.  Creating duplicates, on my external hard drive.  That way, there isn’t any confusion for  PSP.