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Roni Hewitt
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Hi Corrie,

I am running Windows 11, Version 21H2, OS Build 22000.348.  I make sure I keep us with my Windows updates.  I also have PaintShop Pro Ultimate 22 installed.  I just looked in my Windows Explorer; which I see is what you have open in your screen shot.  I can see my .pspimage’s just as well as my .jpg’s.  I was wondering if the difference might be is that I installed a free picture viewing program called Quick Picture Viewer that I got from the Microsoft Store.  I missed seeing full screen pictures that you could arrow through from Windows Explorer.  Microsoft did away with their Picture Viewer in Windows 10 & 11.  With having this program installed, maybe it’s allowing Explorer to view the .pspimage’s in Explorer.  I’m only guessing.  It seems like we have about the same system.  It might be worth a try.  If that doesn’t help, I’m stumped.  Oh, I wanted to ask, was your version of Windows 11 an upgrade?  Mine was.  I have uploaded a screenshot of Explorer to show you how I can see my .pspimage’s.