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Mary Solaas
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Beautiful, Sue – well done (as usual)

I can’t seem to stop playing.  Created the template for this LO, but changed it up.  Originally the triple picture was in the bottom right corner and had 8 pictures in picture all connected in the bottom right corner.  For this LO, I didn’t like that and so only used the 3 last pictures and then put each of them in different locations until I came up with this.  Played around with different backgrounds, but settled on one from PS-Jessica Dunn and reduced the opacity and color tinted it to make it colder.  The font is AR Berkley; the snowflake is from PS-Gina Jones and the snowman is from PS-Rachel Martin.  I played around with shadows again – this time I had just slight shadows with the color of the shadows a medium grey.  Only shadowed the bottom picture.  I’ve been playing around with both PSP2021 Ultimate and Video Studio 2020 Ultimate, but gave myself a Christmas and birthday present yesterday and today and couldn’t resist the prices on PSP 2022 Ultimate, Video Studio 2021 Ultimate and the full version of Photo Mirage (which I may be able to use in Video Studio.