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I always enjoy these sketch challenges.  Not too long ago, I bought one of those clear bird feeders with suction cups to hang on the window behind my computer.  I WAS after some little Florida birds.  The instructions said distinctly, to be  patient … it sometimes takes birds a while to be brave enough to come to it.  I waited.  Then a few days ago, I heard something knocking on the window.  The curtain was closed so I opened it to find … no, I did not have any birds, I had a very SMART raccoon that figured out if she jumped up on the storage bin, then hung way over to the grill … she could then leap to the hose reel mounted on the house … and get to the bird feeder.  I have a awarded her a diploma for good thinking!!!  I guess when you get hungry enough you figure out a plan!  She was adorable standing on her tippy toes on the hose reel just scoffing as much as she could.  Needless to say, the bird feeder came down the next morning.  🙁