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Cyndi Roether
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Lesson 14 – I finally got all of the practice done.  The first one took the longest to do and I had to ‘cheat’ by looking at Suz answer Script.  I do not remember learning in any of the lessons assigning a variable that isn’t part of a dictionary.  It seems to me that her stating Border = 25 came out of nowhere, but it works.  It also took awhile to get the Contract amount to sync with the border.  After I showed Challenge 3 to my husband he said can you do this and can you do this and I went into the script and changed it to pull the fill and shadow from the Materials Palette instead of them being saved in the script.  It was really nice to be able to figure out what he wanted and make the script do it.

Carole – How would you frame an image if you wanted the texture or pattern to be different on different sides?  Such as a wood frame with horizontal grain top and bottom and vertical grain on the sides and 45 degree corners?  Only thing I can think of is to draw the pieces, fill them individually and then join them; then guess you would be able to save it as a frame and resize to the dimensions you wanted.