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Haha… I didn’t need to check your scripts 🙂

When I read your comment, I  remembered that for Lesson5, you gave us that script… Suz used the Eyecandy plugin as an example of the try-except structure, which I think most of us don’t have.

You also mentioned in the video that we should avoid using plugins in a script, as they seldom work.

At the beginning of the course, I typed the lines one by one, which has helped me… It became easier for me to find my mistakes…Quotes, commas, indentation …Now, I am using the snippets and History.

Your scripts are so complex that it would not be possible to type the lines one by one! But let them think that! LOL

And because of their complexity, only once have I tried to look at one of them, the Polaroid frame script… As there were too many commands I didn’t know, I decided to wait until I have done the last lesson to look at them again! 😀