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Rene Marker
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Cassel, I started my spreadsheet on March 9th, the date of the first positive case in Ohio.  One of my more interesting pages in the spreadsheet is what I call “population percent”.  After someone on another message board (sad to say from Canada) posted very rudely when the United States took over statistics with the most cases in the world, I made a comment back to her that it totally made sense when you look at the population of USA vs Italy.  So I started a spreadsheet using population numbers for the 50 states, District of Columbia and Puerto Rico and have it calculate the percentage of the population that has had COVID.  At first I updated it daily (using numbers from the John Hopkins website) and it was very interesting seeing where the hot spots in the country were.  Needless to say New York and New Jersey were at the top of the list for quite awhile.  Ohio is the 7th largest state population wise and I was so proud of where we were on that list for a long time. We ranked 30th or lower.  I think the highest I ever saw Ohio was 22nd. I no longer update it daily but try to do it once a month.  Even now with the high number of cases Ohio has had lately, we are still between 35th and 40th (out of 52) on the list and the % is around 13.

I also pulled the population numbers for some other countries and will look at those every couple of months.  The outlier in that data though is China.  Per John Hopkins they claim they only have had  a little over 100,000 cases. I call BS on that.