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Corrie Kinkel
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There is so much work done by everybody and by far to much to comment individual, but it is again a great succes this calendar challenge. Well done to all!

For me it’s all coming together now and here are the first pages of two calendars, I’m working parallel now because some of the embellishments are the same.

The first 3 are for the calendar of my village Etten-Leur with embellishments fitting for the photo or the time of the year. I make a birthday calendar with the same photos and backgrounds but with lines to write the birthdays on. I’ll do those when all the rest is finished, because that’s easy to make.

The second 2 are of the wild flowers I have often featured here in other projects. That calendar will go to Switzerland. To those of you who understand German, I know that I should have used capitals in my text, but in Switzerland they are neglecting that themselves, so I feel free to do the same. March will follow later.