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Annie Tobin
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Ah Cassel … it all had to do with pixels and points! What I wasn’t seeing was that the script was adjusting to points accordingly and then I was adjusting it back to pixels without taking notice of the pixels/points word. I didn’t understand why … when I was using pixel size to create the script … the recorded script was saving it as points. Sometimes I was getting a teeny weeny word you could barely make out and other times the text was huge and off to one side … needless to say hair pulling just didn’t cut it! I have saved the “good” script so that I can gaze upon it now and then as a reminder that working on mistakes (although it slows me down) is one of the most satisfying ways to learn … even if it means sacrificing a bit of hair, LOL! I was telling it to do something wrong and it was acting accordingly.
I am way behind in the lessons but my aim is to do a lesson a day – 9, 10, 11, 12 – which should bring me up to date by the time lesson 13 is on it’s way. ;D