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Pirkko, it looks like your June page is darker than the others. Is that just an odd display? Once your calendar is done, we will for sure know you like owls! You are adding very interesting elements outside of the photos.

Anita, I am glad that those tips helped. It is so personal when your own pets are showcased in a calendar. For the June page, may I suggest that you change the red a bit? For some reason, it displays oddly on the background color. That happens with some color combo. So maybe lowering the saturation would help OR darken it? Moving a selection is such a headache saver!

Matsugirl, what about the Magic Wand and Selection that cause issues? Maybe there is one detail that I should clarify for you and others?

Marie-Claire, you will see how it will go faster now that you know most of the steps.

Anne, are you using different fonts for different months? They look like they have some differences. I think it would be better to use something consistent throughout the 12 months.

Daphne, it is totally expected that people would go back to the first pages since all the steps were not yet explained at the time you got the templates.

Chris, thanks for the download files on FB. Yes, the forum won’t take files other than jpg and png.

Linda, I am a little unsure about the outline on the March page.  Maybe it is because it is resized as it looks like it is there, but not obvious that it is on purpose. But you know whether it looks better in the full-size format. Resizing sometimes changes the appearance.

Monique, beautiful photo for the cover.

Ann, interesting idea to make a card from the template. Why not??

Sue, thanks for showing other ways calendars can look. Hopefully, it will inspire others.

Corrie, I am sure the recipients will appreciate your calendars!

Susan, you are correct: colors can look very different. Good to see that you found a way to overcome the “mismatch” from the monitor to the eyes!