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Ellen Griffin
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Trish…..I had to shut PSP down and start PSP back up and it hasn’t happened since, have you looked for updates? I believe I made sure I had them all and so far no more issues…

I have had to have the GEEKS work on my computer, online, 3 times because of another issue, which turns out was not my computer that had the issue, and so in that process maybe something really was changed that ‘fixed’ it….I really don’t know.

How frustrating, and sorry you are having problems and now when I make something, and if it’s really involved I save it frequently as a pspimage, then I still have all layers and it’s saved!!!! I have recently lost one of my creations and it was my own fault I shut down before checking to see if I’d saved it any at all….I had not! So now I am paranoid!  LOL

Ani-Autumn Girl