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Sue Thomas
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Carole,  Ann and Pirkko’s   latest posts, the images aren’t showing, they are thumbnails.  I am able to click on the  thumbnails, in order  to view the pages.  I thought I should make you aware.

Absolutely wonderful pages have been posted, everyone is so talented, and creative.

Pirkko, I have enjoyed your calendar featuring Owl.  They are one of my many favourite birds.  I always feel privileged and humbled in their presence. Even more so when they allow me  get up close to take shots of them.

Ann, Downton Abbey is a series I have watched on only a few occasions.  I grew up watching Upstairs Downstairs, when it was first aired in  the mid 70’s in black and white.  I thoroughly enjoyed that soap opera. I’m delighted you found a use for the word art, it’s sits well on the front cover.