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Matsugirl, I guess that is why those scenes look Canadian; you are sharing similar weather! And yes, finding an image is definitely a long process! The colors you pick for the gradients are superb and match so well.

Ann, that is a neat trick to add color around the photos. Thank for sharing. And good idea for the days of the week too.

Susan, you have all the possibilities to change your mind, to change the font, the size, the colors, etc. Those templates are meant to be customized. That sideway photo really didn’t look sideway. If you didn’t say it, I would not know.

Gerry, that is a fun way to make a calendar when using a photo of someone who has a birthday in the month. A great gift for all those people. The font you used it very interesting.

Corrie, those templates and tutorials are meant to create the calendars quickly, so you will surely have time to catch up.

Pirkko, those eyes on the owl are stunning!!!

Linda, that date is very important!! Maybe PSP says you need a break?

Euka, that is quite interesting to have black and white images. For enlarging, I heard of a trick that MIGHT work (I didn’t try it): instead of increasing by 300% for example, increase by 100% three times. I heard it takes less time for PSP to process that.

Anita, are those pictures of your cat?

Monique, it is so fun to see multiple calendars being created at once. Isn’t that easy?

Chris, you will quickly catch up as those are so easy to complete.

Cristina, I caught you post to Pirkko in the spam, but I have no idea why it posted with today’s date, as it was posted on the 19th! Technology!