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Anita Wyatt
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Here is my April 2022Calendar. I used an Easter image I had downloaded a few years ago, then added  our felines who are always ready for another adventure. The bunny ears on Natasha are from nicepng. Thanks for letting me know about the character map and that not every font has special characters. I do have a lot of Creative Fabrica fonts and will need to install a font viewer so I can use them in PSP. I liked the Arienne font and installed it on my windows system, but I do not want to overload that, so a font viewer would be helpful. What is your favorite font viewer? I used the A from Arienne font, size 150 and stroke 1 and BellMT size 132, stroke1  for pril. The font color is pink like one of the Easter eggs. The tip about using lock transparency is awesome, thank you Carole!  For the calendar weekend dates I selected a golden-brown-orange color, Easter Sunday is lavender, and my Birthday is red.