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Susan Ewart
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I’m glad the date boxes came this late.  It gave me 10x the practice.  I choose to use filling in the boxes because I was having problems with it and thought doing it 10x would help me remember the steps.  I’d forget to invert, or I’d lock the transparency, or didn’t add the raster layer.  No freak-out moments though.  Just back to the video and paused and did each step with Carole.  The Sept. photo is a portrait on it’s side, I like the curl.  I used the clone tool for the first time (badly!). Thankfully most of it got cut out anyway.  I would have cloned out some distracting stuff in the October photo but that’s a tool to be reckoned with.  I see if you don’t use it right it looks bad.  More study needed on that.