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Susan Ewart
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Wow!  These are fabulous pages.

Ann, you page is stunning.  the gradient is perfect and I love what you did with the frame/photo, it makes the photo show better.  Inspiring.

I love seeing all the critters (cats, dogs and more) and the flowers and scenery is so beautiful.

Matsugirl, I thought it look very much like Rockies coming from the Alberta (CAN) side.  Alaska is a wish for me…someday.

Sue, there are no words, that photo is captivating!  I love any/all nature.  I get teased at work because I stop to pick up a dried leaf cause it looks cool.  I must’ve have the co-workers trained because now they spot cool leaves, feathers, what have you.  (I also drag unwitting co-workers to “stains” on the warehouse floor to look at the picture I see in them, or the color in the spines of flyer bundles, I know, crazy isnt too far off a description for me).

Here’s my May & June, changed the font resized and moved it, but will move it again I think.  This font didn’t have any extra characters and I looked for ones I liked that did, but didn’t find any.  Now I know how to find the character map, so I’m happy with that.

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