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Rene, I totally agree with you: although a very difficult situation, people have been resourceful and many new technologies have made this easier. Virtual doctor visits are very common now, so you don’t have to wait for hours in a waiting room full of sick people when you just need to renew a prescription. Working from home is now more common and widely accepted. It allows people to keep working from home when they might come down with a cold, something that might not prevent them from working, but you would not want in the office. Zoom meetings will save a lot of money to companies who otherwise had to pay for travel and lodging expenses for meetings. And so on.

I am also a bit of a number nerd and also have a spreadsheet, tracking the daily cases in Canada, US, and Italy (thinking that was where there was such an outbreak in the beginning). I also track the variants in Canada. I started that spreadsheet on March 18th, 2020. Never imagine I would still do it 19 months later!