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Rene Marker
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I had a feeling that this was not going to be over quickly at all.  I also felt that this would be something that will be with us forever although not in the numbers we’ve seen these last 18 months.  I took it seriously in the beginning and watched the daily press conferences given by state officials. And, being the numbers nerd that I am, I started a spreadsheet of data that I still update daily.  I had no problem doing the social distancing if out, wearing a mask if out and about or even staying at home.  I’ve even gotten the vaccine and still prefer to stay home. I am an introvert though so that hasn’t bothered me.  Unfortunately the area I live in being a small town didn’t do any lockdowns, only followed state health orders as to shutdowns and masking.  Many in this area don’t think it is a big deal.  And, now my community of 9000 has a high number of cases these last couple weeks with a low vaccine rate (about 15 to 18% below the state average).  That’s why I stay home. I’m in the over 65 range and have one of the issues that was thought to be most at risk in the beginning.

Although I will say some good things have come out of it.  Who would have ever thought that I could watch a cousin’s son play football online?  His very small, private college streamed their spring games and have continued to stream the games this fall.  An uncle of the player lives in Florida and has been able to watch as well. We’ve got a group text going on during the games. FUN!  And, we got to celebrate the cousin in Florida’s 70th birthday through zoom in February. Last Christmas I got a zoom Christmas chat put together and had several people there that hadn’t seen each other in 25 years.  In a way it has brought some members of my extended family closer together.