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Dear Annie, I am with you… I have had many of these issues, of not knowing why it works sometimes and others don’t… Frustration at a high level! Lol … On many occasions, I decided to write the command again on top of the older one, and voilá worked!

Of course, there were occasions when I had forgotten one detail or another, but those were easy to find, following the SOP message.

Now, it is with the ‘Cut and Paste.’ I see Carole doing this all the time, and it works immediately; mine never does, and the reason is indentation. Sometimes the first line is too far left; other times, the second, third lines are the issue… Never the same, not boring at all 😀

Today I copied a script, tested it, and it worked perfectly. Then, working on the copy, I cut and pasted the GetMaterial command.

After that, I ran the script again and got a message in the SOP stating a syntax error on line X, which I hadn’t touched… So, after checking the script, I saw that the problem was again the indentation, in this case, the “cut/paste GetMaterial” command.

But OK, I take this as the learning process… We have to think positively, LOL.

Good to see you here, my friend! <3