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Annie Tobin
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Well, I am way behind at the moment.  I completed Lesson 9 and found my comprehension was lacking with a few things so decided to do revision again.  How hard could it be thought I … well let me tell you, I think I fried my brain in the past few days!  I seemed to forget where commands were to be positioned in the scripts which is why I wanted to do some revision again.  Lessons 1, 2, 3 … a breeze and then came lesson 4 which I had completed successfully on October 9th.  It didn’t seem to matter where I placed the print command it would not show in the SOP.  One of my favourite lessons had been the escape sequences and in the last couple of days it had me almost tearing my hair out.  The image below shows the SOP from 3 scripts – the first successful one on the 9th – a failed one from this morning – then finally the second successful script this afternoon.  I did not do anything to change the script from this morning except for reading it through again and again and running it time after time.  If any of you can see a difference between the script from this morning and the one from this afternoon I would truly appreciate your input.  The one from this morning puts the printed statement at the top of the script which is quite inappropriate.  Thanks in advance dear friends.  🙁