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Pirkko, beautiful pages. I think using the templates will make the whole process faster, especially when doing 12 pages!

Matsugirl, where are those photos from? They “look” Canadian! 🙂

Monique, as I have never been to the Netherlands, it is a definite trip for me. It is interesting that a font is the name of an artist!

Barry, as I saw this post, I forwarded you my copies. Let me know if you receive the others or I will send you copies again.

Ann, the Broadway font is a common one, and I think it suits your theme very well.

Anne, interesting to see the backgrounds being themed, and not just the photos.

Daphne, it is fun to see the gradients match the flowers!

Anita, out of curiosity, what will be the theme for your calendar?

Linda, the number under your profile photo is the number of posts you have in the forum. However, there is often a longer number (I thought only admins saw that). This is your IP I think.