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Sue Thomas
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So many wonderful pages  in the  making.  So many different topics being displayed, from flowers, TV series to windmills.  Not forgetting , which is one of my passions in  observing and photographing,  birds.

Pirkko, I hope you don’t mind me  commenting, and correcting you in the  species  of owl you posted.  I believe it’s not a Great Grey Owl, the markings resemble a Northern Pygmy Owl.   They are  much smaller, and  have a very coy expression about them.  I have attached a few pics of the Great Grey Owl  which  I took myself.    As  for the Snowy Owl,  it’s a young female.  As she is heavily marked with variable black barring.

I like to add a little interesting info about the  birds and other creatures I shoot, to my calendars and other projects, for those that are interested.