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Monique, the calendars are so easy to make that you can definitely make more than one.

Ann, are those going to be on the same theme? All about Downtown Abbey? (I don’t follow that series).

Marie-Claire, I see that you used a variety of gradient types. That is interesting.

Corrie, beautiful flowers!

Daphne, those dogs must take a lot of work in grooming!

Susan, to change the dark/light, check in the gradient window and there is a checkbox with Invert. That will invert the two colors. For your issue with the Resize command, could you post a screenshot of the Resize window?

Linda, the reason your grid is grey is that you might have had the Fill tool set to something else than None, so it filled based on the area you clicked and stopped at the edge of the grid. Try it again, and set the Mode to None first.