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Ann, we will all travel with you!

Susan, creative cropping can often give a totally new outlook on photos. And with PSP2021 and 2022, you can even enlarge photos that might be otherwise, too small.

Anita, it would be fun if you end up combining a photo with a cute clipart on each page. That would be an interesting style!

Henry, I moved your post to this thread so it will be together with everyone else, and get more views. This is a fairly simple project so hopefully, you will be able to complete it.

Corrie, you will have your work cut out for you with three calendars! Good thing it will be easy to do

Minka, I have never been to Florida, so I’ll travel through you.

Daphnee, looking forward to your pages.

Gerry, with PSP2022, you should be able to enlarge your photos enough and then focus on some area of the photos, like you did here.

Linda J., flowers will brighten our colder days.