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Corrie Kinkel
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This is my January page. I’m planning to make 3 different calendars this time, because the one from last year was a big succes; it made wonderful gifts. So calendar 1 will be with photos from my village which I took this year. Calendar 2 will be a birthday calendar, that means no datebox only straight lines with the numbers 1 – 31, on which the names can be written.I had a request for such a calendar. And calendar 3 has flower photos and will be in German for the mother-in-law of my daughter who loves flowers. She has cut out the photos from this year’s calendar after the month was over  and used them in some projects of her own.

I hope I have time enough to complete all three and I will show once in a while (not every day) one of the three in progress. Wish me luck and lots of free time which this week is already a problem. We have choosen and ordered new furniture and after a waiting period of 5 month it will be delivered tomorrow! The next day we have the 50th wedding anniversary of very dear friends and after that there are more appointments. But in the end it will hopefully work out fine.