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Sue Thomas
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I decided to create another October colour palette page. It’s freezing rain outside, I hope it doesn’t turn into the white stuff just yet, as forecast. After seeing Ann’s post with the frames, I decided to frame a photo using all the colours in the palette. I used a starburst gradient using the orange and dark grey with a mask to blur and colour the edges of the photo. I used the selection tool in the text to cut out the words from a leaf, textures, sculpture. Extracted 2 rosehips from a photo to hang from the letter F. Created the tag, threaded the stem of the leaf through, lifted a mountain ash berry above the frame. All the creatures that have to endure a Canadian winter, will have plenty to eat this winter. I’m already feeding the voles with apples and carrots. I have to scatter seeds on the ground for the native sparrows, as they won’t come to the feeders. Some Juncos will though. This little chap is enjoying a feed of seeds without having to scratch for them.