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Cyndi, when the course was created, the Text tool had only one unit, which was the pixels. A few versions later, Corel introduced the Points as a unit. Unfortunately, this has broken a lot of scripts because there is NO WAY to set it inside of a script, and PSP does not know what unit to use. It will actually flip flop and you can’t predict it. It can work fine before lunch and change after lunch. In Lesson 11, I will be explaining that a bit more. That is why, in any exercise that Suz suggests, if it uses the Text tool, the same thing might happen. It is nothing that you did wrong. It is a “long-standing issue” with PSP.

As a beta-tester, I have documented this issue for a few years now, but as simple as it might sound for us to fix, it is often very complex: change one thing can break something else.

I have found a workaround for it, but it involves more coding so I will only share that much later in the course.