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Corrie Kinkel
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The colors of fall here are not so vibrant as in the States and Canada. I was hoping that I could see this for myself but it will have to wait for another year or so! There are however in the autumn a lot of spiderwebs and last weekend on a walk I could take some photos. On places that were in the shade the spiderwebs were still covered in  morningdew. I used a leaf mask from Corel on one of the photos. Another not so good photo gave me the background on which a tried different effects until I was satisfied with the result. I was trying to keep it in the palette colorscheme. All the colors are used. The frame is made with the cisseltool, the beige paper has a blinds effect to give it some texture and it has scallopped sides. The blue is sparsely used in 2 thin stripes. Dark grey is the mat and it has orange stitches around it. Light grey and Orange is used in the text with fonts Arienne and Baby Garland. I put a spiderweb in the corner with some bubbles and I hope it’s visable.