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The text in the script editor had so many characters, and I didn’t know what they were. I googled and came to find out that they are Unicode characters. In the example, the u000D =  “carriage return“… The u0027 = Apostrophe, and there are hundreds or more… I probably don’t need to know them, but I was curious.

This might give you a hint at what a script has to decipher when someone enters some text!

Now, when I get the red messages in the SOP, I don’t freak out anymore.

That is already a good sign. Those messages will never say “your computer is about to explode” but when you start understanding enough about scripting, you realize that they give you most of the clues to fix the errors.

Carole, I think it is great in the videos when you go beyond Suz Shook’s course and add your examples and experience in scripting… You are not so restrained, and I think this is a big plus!

Thanks. I still have to be careful not to add too much information that should come in a future lesson. Otherwise, THAT might get confusing. I think Suz did a great job at having lessons really build on each other in a logical way.