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Mary Solaas
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Yes, well over a year into this; flare-ups and up-tics in the numbers about the middle of the summer.  I’m in Memphis, TN, and that has had its share of shelter in place – lift that – and then back to it.  We’re coming out of the upsurge now, so that’s good.  Some of the local businesses were not able to survive during the lockdown because they were not able to just do pick up (ordering on line).  I am 87 and have COPD, so the people I live with have made sure that I hunkered down during the worst of the flare-ups.  All last year in isolation – I am thankful that I live within a community (4 generations) so did not feel the isolation as much as some.  Maybe next year.  I often think of the phrase “Next year, Jerusalem” as in a way it applies.  This is the 2nd year and the Spanish Flu lasted longer than that.  Maybe because we have a vaccine and are wearing masks, our pandemic won’t last much beyond this year.  Let’s pray for that.