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Mary Solaas
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I’m back at the beginning – Lab 5 Module 10: create stitch brush, create crayon overlay, create picture tubes.  So I did what was suggested except I cannot draw a heart even with the tablet!! so my stitch pattern is just a swirl or 2 or 3.  I used Cassel’s heart mask-01 which was a freebie in the Love Challenge (had to go back to the directions in Day 1 of the Love Challenge to work with the mask, but I finally got it). Tubes were interesting to make and did not come out as I expected, but I went with what I got.  I actually created 3 tubes all with hearts obtained from Pixel Scrapper: mostly Marissa Laren and one from Elif Sahin.  The eyelets in the project were created from those obtained from Pixel Scrapper: Marissa Laren and Rachel Martin.  The font for the title is Glamlips and for the description is Gigi.

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