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Linda J Walker
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Yes, still plodding along–Day 6!  I worked on this a few days ago, but decided to just save and tweek it later

The ‘linoleum’ pattern is very interesting to me. After seeing everyone’s patterns, I was anxious to learn how it was done. Not sure it works with sunflowers, but that was what I chose as my ‘love’ on day 6.

Carole–we had 4 kitties until about a year ago. These were feral kittens, that my daughter found in the weeds. I think we scared momma away. When we didn’t see her(momma) for a day or so, we took the days old kittens in. My 3 daughters and I hand raised them, we feed them all with droppers, around the clock, 11 years ago. They may all look the same, but we can tell them apart 🙂