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Sue Thomas
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The paper clips are my own, which I  created a  long time ago using Carole’s tutorial in the creative scrap.  I colourise them and add motifs to them to suite the project.  Looking forward to Spring and summer, as winters are always long here.  I used water colour brushes to create the background paper.   The frames  and  folded edge paper,  also created  using   tutorials in the creative scrap, a long time ago.  I save then as png’s.  I’ve created quite a few labels, usually seasonal ones, this is an old one too, which I colourised.  The pin  is mine, and I added an element to the top. Carole, I don’t know if you can see from the  image, as it’s been greatly reduced, but I noticed that when I move the promoted layer below layers, there’s a very thin white line (gap).  Now then it  never used to do that.  To hide it on the heart, I cloned the white line out. All the settings are what I always use.