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Mireille, j’aimerais bien avoir de beaux animaux comme ça à mon lieu de travail. J’adore les animaux.

Alicia, you really caught up fast!!!

Gabriella, great photo to conclude this challenge with the grandkids!

Annie T., nice tribute to Jasper to finish.

Shirley, what a smile your baby daughter has!!! The plaid is colorful and really gives a happy feel.

Gerry, did you share the layouts with them yet? It will surely put a smile on their face!

Susan, what a clever way to focus on the important persons on the photo without having to crop it!

Monique, if you ever want to use a plaid that seems too busy, you can reduce the opacity, or even the scale to make it smaller. It is one way to use them without overpowering the rest of the project.

Corrie, discovering by making mistakes is what I do. That is how I found that linoleum technique (have you EVER seen that anywhere else??)

Mary, I am glad that you could use the musical note tubes.

Euka, you managed to work quite fast. If you feel they are rushed, you can always come back to them later and tweak your pages.

I am particularly happy with how many people actively participated in this challenge. Almost 60% of the registrants posted in the forum, which is great! Now, remember to fill out the survey!