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Finally finished all 7 Days – the pages were a bit rushed but I wanted to complete each challenge and learn the various  techniques each had to offer, now I can go back and tweak and improve the pages.  The sharing and advice amongst the  group is wonderful and there is so much talent here.

Carole, with the glyphs not appearing  I discovered there was a clash in my fonts with another mama font,  I ended up deleting that one and reinstalling the new one and all good thank you.

Day 5 – Shark Bay – is one of only a handful of beaches in the world to be made up of solely of shells.  You won’t find a grain of sand in sight!  The beach is made up of trillions of tiny white shells all from one type of animal, the tiny shells have accumulated up to 10 metres deep forming a beach stretching 120 kilometres. (courtesy of google!) It is amazing to see. The pelican was from another beach further along the coast.

Love the accidental discovery of the background on Day 6 and the possibilities are endless and that can be seen with how everyone has used it on their pages, such variety.