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Corrie Kinkel
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Monique, glad to see you back to scrapping!

Annie, a lovely tribute to Jasper.

I’m a bit sad this challenge is over now. I have learned many new things and I hope to put them to good use. I loved seeing all those nice, interesting, moving pages. Carole thank you so much.

This is day 7.  I did not know this new manner to move a mask, I just copied my mask and then merged down and moved it. I liked the way Carole gave her mask a little blur  and I did likewise; I didn’t know that you can do that. To make the polkadot paper I tried some colors and settings and at some point forgot to do it on a new layer. I really liked the effect I got and decided to keep it. Furthermore a simple frame, text and a little angel. As I had the same theme for this 7 days I used the same fonts on every page.

See you all around