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Susan, I don’t think you did anything wrong. The challenge is probably just that it was almost in the center of the mask so it looks like you have printed on top of the image but in fact, it shows the paper underneath.

Euka, the glyphs are not readily available in PSP. You have to go through the Character Map to access them. Check this blog post for instructions. And yes, masks can be used in smaller areas, which is not what happens when we use the “Load mask” command. I am glad to see you catching up quickly!

Monique, once you save and close the image, you cannot undo anymore. However, you can surely duplicate the shadow from another image and move it to the third picture. Or, if you duplicated the template, you can just copy and paste that “missing” layer.

Cristina, that “wood” paper is perfect for that PICNIC layout!

Sue, it is interesting to see that the very light color makes for a great looking lino design. Yes, I didn’t address the rotation adjustment for a pattern when creating a “polkadot”. That is why I used just the simple dots.

Jnet, I love how you used “incomplete” frames on your Day 6 layout. Did you erase the frame or layered it under the mask?

Laurie, there are MANY more ways to create background papers with PSP. You should ask Mary. There are 68 tutorials inside the DIAMOND membership JUST for background papers! For the custom color font, do you mean having different colors for different words/characters? Although you can do it with the Text tool, you can also do it on a rasterized version, like explained in this post.

Anita, it was a great way to place the clock on the kaleidoscope design of your paper. Your cat on the Eiffel tower definitely made me smile!

Ann S. you definitely HAD to use those photos in your final layout. I hope it is not really the last one you make and share with Logan.

Jennifer, you are surely documenting old stories in a much more interesting way that JUST photo or JUST text!

Lynda, that is a beautiful photo and poem to share.

Corrie, that almost-white paper pattern is perfectly suited for the theme of your Day 6.

Minka, I also see how the community members help each other, either with answers to questions or by sharing their process. Everyone wins!

Donna, although the angles hearts are great, IF you use a design that needs to stay straight, the trick is to rotate it on your little image by 45 degrees to the left, then when you choose an angle of 45 in the Materials palette, it will put it back straight.

Alicia, I love how you combined the extraction and the mask on the Day 4 page. For the Day 3, did you hand draw that fun frame?

Mary, you did great for the frame. I bet you used that “straight line” trick to draw it! (otherwise, you would have an incredibly steady hand!)

Gabriella, I also did some tags and some stationary with PSP when I started. Those stationary designs went out the window with the newest email programs. As for tags, I personally find that they don’t have as much “purpose” as digital scrapbooking, which is why I now focus on that. I am glad you learned to be more comfortable with PSP. There is so much to learn. You can ask any of our long-timers. Even after years and years, they keep saying “Oh I didn’t know about this”.