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Hi Carol ………I believe the heart brush did came with PSP ..i looked in the brush folder after selecting it and this is what it’s called “Brush4 -052 PSP Brush . I have 4 different version of PSP starting with PSPx2 when i started out about 10-11 years ago ,but never really fully learned how to use the program !! I had always liked to make “Tags” way back when for a online thing called “Piczo”and there was a E-Mail Program called “Incredimail” .were you could make your own stationary ….not sure if anybody remembers those  or even heard about them .Also when you asked what Font i might of used in the first Challenged i posted ..that wasn’t a font …it was already put together as a PNG file .I have learned already quite a bit from you in this Challenge ..glad i signed up !!

Thank you