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Corrie Kinkel
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Here is my day 6 and Ann we must have had the same idea! At first I tried a darker color for the background but found that it overpowered my photo and so I did one with an almost white color. That suited the glacier much more, it gave an icy/snowy feel to it. Further a very thin frame, picture tube for the rope and an ice-axe from Pixabay. The font is the same as on all the pages a Dream Koda and Bahnscript for the subtext.

Carole, I used the same waterbrushes as before and used the opacity setting that solved the problem. But this time that did nothing, so I then set the opacity to the original intended 100 and hurray it worked. I think your gremlins decided to pay me a visit! No, no, in the end I think there must have been some kind of update running in the background! And thanks for upgrading me to Enthousiast!

Annie, thanks for all your comments on my pages, yours were fab too. All the pages are lovely and so different.

Now up to day 7