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Sue Thomas
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Day 7.  I did an extra one using the technique shown in the video. Although I knew how to  do it.  I had forgot how to keep the hearts on the background paper  straight, and then it came to me.  I hadn’t done it for a while, it was good to do it. I had to  delve deep to get that bit of info to the front of my brain.  I used one of your  heart fonts to create the frame.  I should have used the mitred corner script, but I didn’t, as now I can see that the corners are a bit off.  I had already chose the photos I was going to use in  day 7.  Focusing on eyes. I created 2 masks.  One of my resident  ground squirrels, and Nell.  I  used  the blend mode on her, as she is a bright chestnust, and to bright for the LO.  I did ask the  tree sparrow to be my Valentine, but  he few off before I could finish the sentence. :-).   Thank you ever so much  Caorle for yet another superb challenge.  As always I learn something new.