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Shirley, those old photos are so interesting to tell stories!

Linda, as long as you keep the pspimage version of your page, you can tweak it later, add a photo, an element, more text, etc. You can load the watercolor brushes later on, and you will have them later for other projects.

Annie, some shapes will give better results than others, plus different settings for them. With a little experimenting, you will find out what works and what does not, and what you like and don’t. The technique is there to personalize.

Mary, that kaleidoscope paper is so subtle, I had to look twice. And yes, it is a good idea to keep the tiles you like because you are unlikely to recreate them again! The watercolor brush gave a great effect to showcase that RV. When you use a fuzzy edge mask, you can often allow yourself to enlarge the photo so maybe you can make your photo of Mary Lou a bit larger?

Gabriella, two layouts in one day, you are really working hard! That is a beautiful dog you had. That is a great way to showcase how much you loved him. The heart brush used for the mask is lovely. Is that one from Corel or one you did yourself?

Mireille, intéressant que tu aies utilisé un deuxième masque sur ton projet sur la graduation de Myriam.

Anne S., I can imagine it is hard to find a brush that goes with a camel! You could use a round or a square brush to make the mask a bit geometric, or even a brush with only an outline of a circle or square or heart. Experimentation! How did you get the color of the linoleum?

Sue, your linoleum pattern is great and subtle. What color did you use for such a subtle effect?

Gerry, Maggie has such a sweet smile! It is definitely a great photo to showcase. The “accident” was probably when I wanted to use that distortion effect with a different “distortion map” but since it shows the image itself as default, it must have been when I noticed the effect.

Alica, that unevenness really does look like a blanket. It is a good choice to have kept it. I am not sure why your settings yielded a 4 pixels thick image instead of 1. Strange.

Corrie, that brush shape is perfect for that flower!

Barbara, the challenge is not ment to turn in “assignments”. The idea is to give you more ideas, techniques that you can use, even if your end project turns out different than mine. The idea of loading masks is great when you have them on your computer, however, I find that those masks will always cover the whole page, so it is a different approach when you want the mask only smaller or covering a specific area, or even if you want to add more than one. But it is definitely another option in some instances.

Cristina, what brush did you use for the Snapshot page? It almost looks like you used one of the corner punches. Or was it a “frame” you made?

Lynda, that black and white plaid looks great! And the pink linoleum really complements that pink flower.

Minka, although you might not be fond of the background paper, you chose the perfect color for your page. I find it quite fitting.

Jennifer, the color you chose for the linoleum paper is very “antique” and matches the photo very well. Be careful, that technique is addictive!

Donna, I agree that adding that green is perfect with the blue. And adds great interest to the overall page. I hope you have a chance to make another set for Philip too.

Wanda, have you tried adding heart shape brush strokes? The pastel linoleum is great with Hannah’s photo.

Ann L., looking through photos is definitely part of the scrapbooking experience too! 🙂