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Val and Karon … Absolutely beautiful posts. I love all your lab work, too, Karon. Ann S … great camel post. I am wondering, are camels friendly? I see it is a sanctuary … but how do you happen on a camel here?? Lovely posts from Everyone. I must admit I pay attention to what others are doing because you can learn so much just from their example. Like with Annie Tobin … and my recent encounter with Unsplash based on her telling of it. What a find! Bonnie, I did go check out the Pickleball. And yes, they are friendly! I try to put in what Carole is looking for … but you know, she often says “Play in your psp … you won’t break it.” Yeah, it might shut down from time to time, but so far, it hasn’t broken. If it’s there, I play with it. Some of the posts in the Love Challenge have been magnificent with family photos – especially some of the older photos accompanied by stories, too. I will tell you … I don’t have a lot of family left – and often it’s painful to look at those photos. Guess my heart hasn’t hardened enough for that yet. Maybe one day.