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Mary Solaas
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OK – Day 4 – I know I am slow.  Enjoyed this session.  So you can use any object as a mask.  Hm.  Anyway, I did choose a watercolor brush from the freebies and put the picture in the lower right corner.  Played around with white and black brush strokes.  Love putting a background around the picture so you get a better ides of the mask results.  I have to play with picture tubes – I’ve restrained myself in the other days.  I like putting the date in something so I chose to do it in a circle of leaves.  Had fun.  Masks are becoming easier and I do not have to look at the cheat cheat to remember the previous training for days 1, 2, 3.  Think I will remember this process for using brushes or shapes as masks.

I love seeing everyone’s take – I, too, love travel – so have enjoyed the travel pages.  And, yes, I do love children, grandchildren and great grandchildren and have used them in previous pages.  Love seeing your pages as you focus on yours.  The dress group of pages, Barbara, are really good – love the way you have showcased the dress differently in each page.  Love using the old and the new relatives also.