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Barbara Hall
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Cassell:  I use the load/save mask under the layers tab a lot to cut background papers into different shapes.  I have lots of masks that I’ve downloaded over the past couple of years and they’re in folders basically by similarity in shape.  All I have to do is hit  “load/save mask” and scroll through until I find one I like and the program does all of the work.

When I tried printing out cards I also used cardstock.  I have photography paper but I’ve never used it, though I’m not sure why.  I’m thinking for cards, I might print on the photography paper and then glue that to cardstock.

I think of  scrapbook pages as my contribution to family history, but I don’t think I’d ever print them out.  My family is much more digitally inclined so I think they’re happier getting a sd card with everything on it than they would be with printed pages.