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Barbara, even after using PSP extensively for 15 years, I still learn new things regularly. And to help me, Corel adds new features to every version!! Did you use the mask to show the blue background? If so, that is a great (although different) way to use them. You don’t have to use them for photos only! As for printing, I think that the paper and the printer are big factors. When I did the welcome frame for Xavier, I printed the letter blocks on cardstock. It was horrible: bland, faded. I decided to try on photo paper, and it was a world of difference. Maybe you can try professional printing for a handful of layouts and see how they turn out. You can frame them if you have only a few, but if you find a great printshop, you can print a complete album.

Shirley, I certainly know about not taking many photos (or I should say not taking GOOD photos). Out of a 24-photo roll, I was happy if I had 6-8 good ones! I am glad I was able to help. I find it interesting that you used squares for the mask. Although I probably would not have thought of using it, the result is good.

Minka, I am happy to see you use that puzzle script in your page! Painting outside the lines is definitely allowed and even encouraged and I am glad it suited you!

Susan, your mother is gorgeous. I agree with you that a shadow would not fit well with those flowers. It is good that you were able to reason why to not add shadows.

Mireille, great idea to use a photo as a background paper too!

Jnet, did you add the confetti with an overlay? Or were they really on the photo?

Lynda, you will have to make a matching page for Max too! I am glad the instructions for saving the mask worked. It is not always easy to explain just in words.

Sue, I am definitely going to have to get that font. It is lovely and since it has even lines, it would surely work well as a metallic wire element.

Cristina, the use of a fabric “paper” is very well suited to use a fuzzy edge mask as you would not expect sharp edges on fabric, most of the time! Good choice.

Laurie, I agree that writing on the plates is a great idea and it was well done by the server. On your page 3, the edges match particularly well the clouds on the photo! On your page 4, did you add the brush strokes on the mask or on another layer? If it were on the mask, it would show the photo underneath. It looks like you brushed different colors. Although it is not the same technique, it certainly works fine on your layout!

Jennifer, great mask. It is good that the photo was large enough to allow the mask to be that wide.

Anne L., that is a nice mask with all those hearts. Very fitting for this dog you love so much.

Donna, you did post it. I just checked and it was caught in the spam filter. If you ever post something that does not show, drop me an email so I can check it. Of course, you can also repost, if you prefer 🙂 You are getting great pages  about Thomas. Did he see them yet?

Wanda, if the mask didn’t cooperate, you can always come back to it when it does. Adding white to the mask later will  possibly make that “blah” become “wow”. Who knows? Did you check the Brush Variance palette (F11)? Corrie had the Opacity jitter set to 100%, and it seemed to have caused issues. Not sure it is the same, but worth checking.

Jean, Sue responded before I did. That is what she uses often on her layouts when she creates fancy wordart. Not all fonts have extra glyphs, but you might end up with some favorite. I use the Mama font, which is free. The link was on the first tutorial page.

Corrie, beautiful photo and you did a great mask too.